Kids often don’t recognize online advertising


Half of children's 100 top favorite sites contain advertising or promotional messages. But only 18 percent of children aged six to eleven years can clearly recognize them for what they are. This is … [Read more...]

PR and marketing for premium push chairs

iCandy Modell Raspberry

Griffiths Consulting, a Munich communications agency specialising on the target group families and youth, is from now on the German PR and marketing consultancy of record for the British premium push … [Read more...]

Family PR for StickerKids name tags

PR-Experten helfen Familien, Ordnung zu schaffen

If children keep losing things, the family PR experts from Griffiths Consulting are now explaining to all parents to really stick it to their children - but only in the form of cool name stickers! The … [Read more...]

One license does not fit all children – National differences determine the license market

Geschäftsführer von iconkids & youth, dem größten deutschen Spezialinstitut für Kinder- und Jugendforschung

In the European kids market it is very rare that licenses are equally strong in different countries and address all target groups the same way. This is proven by the latest wave of the Kids License … [Read more...]

Media relations via social media – much ado about nothing?

Beliebter als Social Media: Fototermin für Journalisten. Foto: Stephen Petrat

Media relations via social media? The hype is over before it had even reached many. According to a new survey published by the ECCO network, only one in ten journalists frequently uses Facebook and Co … [Read more...]

PR in Germany: Invest now and benefit from consumer optimism


This autumn, PR campaigns will find fertile grounds in Germany, because the Germans are ready to shop like they have not been for six years! According to the market researchers at the Gesellschaft für … [Read more...]

Survey shows: advertising to families needs specialised agencies

Lifestylebild aus der Spielwarenindustrie: Eine Familie spielt Triominos von Goliath

Many industries are struggling to find a suitable approach to the family target goup. The advertising trade journal Horizont commissioned a survey which found out that families hardly see themselves … [Read more...]

German food industry struggles with PR crisis

Demonstration vor den Toren von Capri-Sonne

Horse meat, scraps of metal in pizzas, and the scandal about eggs from battery hens in ready-to-eat meals - the list of current food scandals is long.  And shoppers are less likely to just shrug them … [Read more...]

Cool new client for Griffiths Consulting

Beim Einsteigen ins Auto: Ein Sitzaufleger im Babysitz

We have a new client in the baby accessories industry: AeroSleep NV  is based in Ninove, Belgium, and makes air-permeable mattress covers for babys and adults, ensuring safe and hygienic … [Read more...]

The majority of Germans are against “greenwashing”

Quelle: obs/PEFC Deutschland e. V.

Attempts in PR and marketing to tick the ecology and sustainability box should use watertight evidence. This is the opinion of 80.1% of Germans according to a study by the Association for Consumer … [Read more...]